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Our life is a variety of moments. The brightest and kindest of them are flashbacks from childhood.

We work to create family memories with you. That memories, that you’ll want to keep forever.
The intense fight in a “Sea Battle” with an older brother or best friend, which is much more fun than any analog from the virtual world. Cozy winter evenings spent with dad playing in “Hockey” or “Football”. Patiently tapping on a bright little mold, another movement - and here it is, a sandy squirrel with a fluffy tail or a funny dog. The first word, made of alphabet blocks, which in reality is not only a word, but also a small victory for the baby, and great pride for the parents.

"Colorplast" products are made of love and respect for children.
We faithfully pass the certification of each product - it is important for us to be sure that the toys are safe for kids.
Also, we maintain feedback with parents from every corner of Ukraine and we are looking for opportunities to do our job better.

We believe that we have set a good goal for ourselves - to make babies' childhood a little happier, and the path to this goal is really a pleasure for us.